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What does it means to practice

Unrolling the mat and moving your body is not a simple exercise. It is not in Yoga, much less in Qi Gong. Practicing Yoga or Qi Gong is bringing attention and gaze within ourselves to rediscover ourselves and learn to perceive clearly through the body. It’s not doing something to our body, but it’s becoming the body…it means purely being. It is returning home leaving out everything that is superfluous and letting us be guided by the wisdom of our body. 

Through conscious movement, breathing, and meditation, the ancient art of yoga gives us the opportunity to rediscover harmony, vitality, joy, and clarity in our life.

I see the practice as the way back to our safe place whenever we feel the need. A space that remains still and firm despite the frenzy of the days, in which you can stop, find and take care of yourself.

Weekly calendar

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8:45 am | Morning Yoga | New Life – Nizza Monferrato (AT)

12.30 | Yoga basic | New Life


7:30 pm | Vinyasa Yoga (multilevel) | Santo Stefano Belbo (CN)



7:00 pm | Vinyasa Yoga (base) | New Life – Nizza Monferrato (AT)


7 pm | Yoga intermediate | Santo Stefano Belbo (CN)



8:45 am | Morning Yoga | New Life – Nizza Monferrato (AT)

12:30 pm | Vinyasa Yoga (basic) | New Life- Nizza Monferrato (AT)


6:00 pm | Vinyasa Yoga (base) | New Life – Nizza Monferrato (AT)

7:45 pm | Vinyasa Yoga (base) | Santo Stefano Belbo (CN)

there are no lessons for today


there are no lessons for today


How to practice with me

To participate in all the lessons indicated on the timetable it is necessary to purchase a membership in the gym or sports association where the course takes place. 

If among the lessons indicated you have not found the option that best matches your routine, or you would prefer to be followed individually, write to me to evaluate a one-to-one or small group path together.


1. Check the weekly calendar and find the option and time that suits you best.

2. Scroll down the page and fill in the info box by entering the details of the lessons you would like to follow.

3. check your inbox✉️. You will receive an email with all the prices, the details of the classes, and the next steps to proceed with registration and payment.


Do not hesitate to contact me via Whatsapp, Telegram, e-mail, or by filling out the form below, to get in touch and ask me for all the information you need. 🤍




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